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Our Names are Andrew John and Stephen Blake ...

... and we are now the authors of a dozen books. We did it over five years, with our first books published in the first year. These books are REAL books published by real BIG-NAME publishers NOT self-published; WE GET PAID BY THE PUBLISHER, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND!!

Our latest book, You Can Write Books, will show you how YOU can do it too—how you can see your words and your name in print as quickly and easily as we did.

In  You Can Write Books we'll let you in on all the tips and secrets we've learned the hard way. For example, did you know that

 you don’t have to write your whole book before submitting it to a publisher!

Imagine how it would feel to see your name on those books in the bookstore. How would you feel watching customers taking your books to the sales counter and handing over money?

It's a thrilling experience. We know. We’ve done it!!

Most would-be authors run away with the idea that they have to sweat for three years to complete their magnum opus, and then send it off to a publisher. Wrong!

We began with no books to our names

That’s right. We had tried our ideas on publishers, and had not succeeded. We put together books on this and that. It was all time wasted. They didn’t want to know.

But we didn't give up. Sure, we felt pretty down about all that rejection, the same way anyone who has been rejected by a publisher feels. It's a very bad feeling that eats away inside you, especially if it's happened a few times.

But we didn't carry on writing more books.

What we did instead was start thinking about why we always got turned down. We pretty soon realized that we had gone about the whole business completely the wrong way.

We realized too that most of the advice handed out in high-price courses for first-time authors is quite simply wrong.

Once we'd worked out all the mistakes we kept making, one of us did write another book. The difference this time was the book was written and published within a few short months!!

 we had found the secrets at last!!

 Once we'd cracked the formula for success we very soon wrote and got published another book, then another ... Now we can boast a dozen books. Some have gone international. At least one has been translated into German.

Once we'd worked out the secrets success wasn’t hard to achieve.

You Can Write Books will show you how you can achieve this too. You can start right away. Once you've read our book you'll be able to start straight away on your first successful book. There’s no need to wait before you begin.

All you really need to have is a computer—or access to one—but you've got that already or else you wouldn’t be reading this!

you don't have to think of books to write:
the publishers Will tell you!!

Once we had a couple of books to our names, our publisher would come back to us with more ideas: “Can you do a book on this?” “Can you do a book on that?”

You bet we could!—and you can too!!

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